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AP Psychology: 2(A-B)
Instructor: Bishop, Amanda Loach   
States of Cons.
Here is Anna Kate and Jenna West's Prezi, I could not upload it to the Exam study file because it was not a document:
Presentation Notes
Please see the AP Exam Study Materials folder to access your fellow classmate's powerpoint presentations, if they emailed them to me or gave them to me on a thumb drive, they will be found in this folder
Presentation Schedule
Presentation schedule is now available in the notes folder and lesson plan folder
Requirements and units for the AP Exam Review project (due April 13) is located in both your lesson plans section (as we will be working on it during the week of the 28th) and in your notes folder
Extra Credit Alert!
****EXTRA CREDIT ALERT: Go see Concussion in the movie theaters from now until our Personality Test (in 2 weeks) and I will add 10pts to your test! You MUST bring the movie ticket into me, seeing a “bootleg” copy is not acceptable. The ticket stub is your 10pts!!!****
Debate Guidelines
Opening Arguments (3-5minutes)
Each team will choose one member to present an opening argument. A clear thesis should be presented, as well as brief outline of the evidence that supports the arguments. Definitions of terms, historical context, and significance of the topic should also be addressed.
Presentation of Evidence
Teams will take turns presenting pieces of evidence to support their side of the argument. Each team must present at least 3 well developed items, please try to include statistics, records, personal statements, visual evidence……primary sources are best!
Throughout the debate, each team should take notes on the arguments presented by the opposing team and then present a rebuttal to weak arguments or questionable evidence.
Don’t forget to ask questions of the other team!
Closing Arguments (3-5minutes)
Another member of the team will present closing arguments. These arguments should reiterate the thesis and clarify the evidence presented. Part of this may be in direct response to the opposing teams presentation.

Element Possible points Teacher Assessment
Cohesiveness: Members of the group have worked together to make sure all arguments for their side flow together well 25
Professionalism: Group has prepared tools, statistics or primary sources backing up their arguments 25
Individuality: (Separate Grade) Each person in the group contributes an individual argument on which they have researched and found the most important information. 25
Clarity: (Separate Grade) Speaking clearly and assertively using only one minute and not wasting time with “ums” or “wells..” Using time appropriately to convey your point 25
Total 100

Addiction Simulation
Addiction Simulation begins 10/19

An addiction simulation activity allows students to experience firsthand some of the physical, cognitive,
social, and emotional experiences of someone who is addicted to a drug. During a specified 48-hour
period, every time the students have a drink of any liquid, an ice cube must be in their beverage. They are
not allowed to let people who are not involved in the simulation see them drinking a beverage with ice
cubes or even procuring ice cubes since, for the purpose of this exercise, we are considering the use of ice
cubes to be illegal and socially unacceptable.

To simulate the obsession associated with drug abuse, students must keep an hourly journal (waking
hours only) in which they answer three questions: Are you thirsty now? Where is your next ice cube
coming from? What is your plan to satisfy your craving? They also tie a piece of red yarn around
their wrists to simulate the needle tracks of an addict and to remind them of their participation in the
simulation. They must keep the yarn hidden from others. When the 48 hours are over they write a freeform
paper that describes their feelings, thoughts, and reactions to the exercise. They turn in their hourly
logs along with their reaction papers.
Please note that the study guide for your quiz on Motivation and Emotion is in the notes folder

REMEMBER: Aiken Farmers Market this weekend!!! Network with people and get info!!!!!

Current Event DUE TOMORROW 9/4
Summer Assignment
The summer assignment for AP Psychology is in the administrative papers folder on our fusion page, if you did not get one, please go there and print it now. Thank you
Discussion Topics
 Administrative Papers
Summer assignment, parent letter, syllabi, etc
 Lesson Plans
What you will be doing week to week!
Class notes
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